03 May 2007

Széchenyi Fürdő

Just ending a really great three week stay in Budapest, Hungary. Great except for the fact that I was ill most of the time. If you're not feeling well in Budapest, best thing to do is to head for the baths at Széchenyi Fürdő.

Can't say I've bothered to inform myself much about the history of the place or anything, but the architecture is incredible -- couldn't resist snapping a few shots.

I can't count how many different pools there are, indoors and outdoors -- ranging from 16° to 38°, steam rooms, saunas, mud treatments, massage rooms, etc. My favourite was to sit in the downstairs sauna until I couldn't stand it any more, plunge myself into the 16° pool, then back to the sauna, have a warm shower, then go change and have a beer. You feel weightless.

30 April 2007


DJ Grouper said...

Gorgeous fotos, Senor! Of course, I've been impressed with your fotos for many years. I felt sad when you gave up doing fotography full-time. It's good that you're still taking fotos & have started this blog. I look forward to lots more first-class fotography in Nomadicity.

Don't forget to visit Coyoacan in Mexico City & hit La Guadalupana, if you can. I destroyed a good part of my brain there drinking tequila & Dos XX lager. The sandwiches were memorable, too.

How's the air in D.F.? Do you need a gas mask?

Remember to gassho Popocatepetl, & if you run in to Rebecca, tell her I love her.

The Grouper
Kawasaki, Japan

Anna from Budapest said...

Wow, these are great sneak photos, BlognDog, thanks. It's also good to hear that you liked the bath. I have just published a FAQ on Szechenyi Furdo on my Budapest blog (http://tinyurl.com/2kq3w8) and your photos are worth linking to!
Have you been to Gellert too? How do they compare, in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

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